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By: Aquabocci  30/09/2011
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Are you still living with the old wet room drainage system? Imagine the most important guest staying with you in the house getting trapped in the bathroom because the wet room linear drain you have at home, has clogged or your boss’s wife running out of the bathroom, who came over for dinner, because the blocked wet room drainage has a foul smell in the toilet. Don’t let wet room drainage problems embarrass you in front of some important people in your life.

The modern day drainage channels do not require a specialist to fix it.  You can install the channel drains like wet room linear drain and driveway drainage with ease, on your own. To install a drainage channel, open the packing, look for the installation manual and follow the instructions mentioned for channel drain carefully. The installation procedure of the wet room linear drain, driveway drains and/or any other channel drains are different from each other, so you must follow the instruction mentioned in the individual drainage channels manual and not presume them to be the same. Though it is very easy to install the driveway drainage channel drains but every small step of caution will be appreciable.

These days, assortments of channel drains are available in the market. Channel drains like wet room drainage and driveway drainage come in different shapes, size, colour and finish. Wet room linear drain is also customisable as per the requirements of your wet room drainage. Though the wet room linear channel drain is colour fast, but over a period of time and due to excessive usage, the colour might fade away or peel off. Yet, if you are ready to spend a little more on drainage channel and avoid any replacement cost in future you can also opt for the rhodium or metal finish channel drain. Every extra penny for the metal finish channel drains is worth spending because they are made of stainless steel and are completely rust free. Also, the metal used for channel drain is anodised in the manufacturing process to make it sturdy.

Metal finish drainage channel is specially manufactured for driveway drains. When the lights glitter on the driveway drains in the evening, the exteriors of house start illuminating. You will definitely enjoy every moment of the awe-stuck look on your neighbours’ eyes when they will look at your sparkling driveway drainage. If your driveway is at the backyard, you can still choose the coloured driveway drains. But, as the saying goes ‘first impression is the last’, you must only opt for the metal finish driveway drains if your driveway is at the entrance of the house.

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