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By: Aquabocci  22/08/2011
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Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Rightly said by the wise and old! Sturdy exteriors, comfortable interiors and easily accessible crevices and corners make any house or office convenient and perfect. All it requires is good housekeeping for longevity and comfort. You could also ensure the following points while structuring or restructuring your living spaces.

1.    While finalising the blueprints of your house or building, ensure availability of channel drains for driveways. Car washing and cleaning does not cause water clogging if you have channel drains for driveways installed.
2.    Driveway drains also help in quick recession of rain water. If installation of driveway drains lessens one regular cleaning space, you must make that choice.
3.    While planning the patio or backyard, ask your architect to demark space for easy drainage of water. Specialists recommend installation of stain steel drain to avoid rusting and erosion.
4.    If your living or working accommodation is one floor up from the ground, it is good to keep provision for balcony drainage.
5.    If you wish to install a balcony garden where you can house your plants and saplings, you must plan your balcony drainage. Effective balcony drainage will maintain the hygiene of your balcony.
6.    All the important but unnecessary stuff goes into the attic or store like your child’s bicycle, memoirs, etc that hold your heart. The space they are stored in needs cleaning and maintenance. What better than to wash it during your spring cleaning but only if you have wet room drainage! Ask your architect for wet room drainage.
7.    Wet room drainage comprises stainless steel drain that prevents water clogging and stinking.
8.    If you want to keep an open balcony, you uninvitingly invite the birds and other creatures on your railing every day. Simply washing away the droppings through effective balcony drainage system will be easy.
9.    Installation of stainless steel drain in setting up you balcony and wet room drainage system will safeguard rainwater accumulation.
10.    Likewise, stainless steel drain installation in the driveway drains will keep your life sorted. Channel drains for driveways are easy to install and do not require heave maintenance.
11.    If you are likely to have more than one car in your parking way, then installation of driveway drains or channel drains especially for driveways are heartily recommended.

Architects and consultants just need to know your everyday life to ensure trivial necessities like wet room drainage, driveway drains, etc. Their expertise will lessen your tensions of everyday housekeeping.

If you need more suggestions for a comfortable living or want to understand more about wet room drainage, driveway drains, balcony drainage, channel drains for driveways or stainless steel drain, yo can go through our website Or you could meet us at 26 Queens Mews, London W2 4BY. You can also call us or email us at T: 020 355 186 87 E: [email protected]

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