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H³0® Fitness Drink from The Slimmer You

By: The Slimmer You  20/12/2008
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 H³0® Fitness Drink is the next generation of hydration providing 1) rapid hydration, 2) sustained energy plus 3) antioxidant protection so you feel refreshed and energized all day long! Enjoy whenever you are thirsty or anytime you are physically active. Key Benefits Quenches thirst and replaces lost fluids. Essential electrolytes support cellular re-hydration. Energizing carbs for immediate and sustained energy. Powerful antioxidants protect your body from fatigue and soreness. No caffeine and a healthier alternative to high-calorie/high-sugar beverages.
Details Contains antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E. 70% more potassium than the leading competitor. Naturally derived source of sugar. Customizable to meet individual fitness or activity level and duration. Stick packs are convenient and portable for on-the-go use. Usage Enjoy whenever you are thirsty, need to hydrate or when you are physically active.

  This product was developed for sports and Gym rehydration and recovery but recently I have found that it serves other purposes As a Nutritional Coach I was asked by members of a Local Rock band that found after and during performances they felt very dehydrated and exhausted by the end of an hour set . The problem was that after the exercise, nerves, adrenalin and excitement of the performance the after show recovery time started to become a problem as band members had to socialise with audience members etc. We started by trilling the product H30 on three drummers during practice and studio work realised we had less down time waiting for the drummer to recover after heavy sessions. The trial then continued to live performances and instead of having plain bottled water the Lemmon flavoured H30 was given to all Band members during and after the performance   the 500mls of H30 products and having them available during and after performances. The desire to collapse after the performance was extinguished.    This product is amazing and the rehydration e during training or getting rid of the headaches after a heavy night on the town.

Stephen Lester (Senior Nutrition Coach)

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