Accredited INLPTA full NLP Practitioner training course

Accredited INLPTA full NLP Practitioner training course from Reveal Solutions

By: Reveal Solutions  05/08/2009
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 Comprehensive 16 day INLPTA Practitioner, scheduled conveniently in 4 blocks of Thursday to Sunday:-

1st to 4th September, 6th to 9th October, 3rd to 6th November & 1st to 4th December 2011. 

Our modular Practitioner course is designed for individuals who want to understand what underpins the techniques of NLP and to make changes in their lives that are sustainable and that work for them.  The course is ideal for both personal development and honing professional leadership and management of others in business.

By achieving your International NLP Practitioner Certification, you will take a major leap in your own development and the development of others. Your outstanding level of knowledge and skills will open so many new doors for you and you may even find yourself going in new directions, achieving new heights, which you never considered or even thought were possible, until now.

Qualified NLP Practitioners are some of the most sought-after skilled people in the world today. Both recognised in the corporate world and instinctively on a personal basis; their skills afford them the opportunity to become incredibly resourceful individuals with a passion for developing their own business and personal lives and also the lives of others.  By improving your communication and leadership skills; NLP will produce dramatic changes in the way you and your business perform.  By increasing behavioural and communication flexibility, you will improve working as well as personal relationships - with business colleagues, your clients, friends and family.  Learning to speak your customers' language and truly predict their needs is a driving factor in loyalty and customer satisfaction. This leads to bottom-line benefits for your business.  

How will it be for you, knowing you have been trained by registered, experienced and fully qualified NLP Trainers; to have received an internationally recognised certification in NLP and become a member of one of the largest NLP professional bodies in the world? You will, of course, be free to include your qualification on your business card, website, letter head, curriculum vitae (resume) and show everyone that you really care about communication excellence!

Your NLP Practitioner training aligns with the standards of both the International NLP Trainers Association and the Association of NLP and will therefore hold its weight of having worldwide recognition.

What you can expect to learn:     
The background of NLP, its history and developments since           
The NLP presuppositions and how these assumptions can benefit you
How to be in an optimum learning state and using NLP elegantly
Using language purposefully to achieve results
Heighten your sensory acuity  
Discover the many unconscious signals that people transmit when they communicate
Develop deep rapport with anyone; quickly, easily and ecologically
Notice how we process and accept communication
Learn to understand other's viewpoint with perceptual positions
Expand your vocabulary and understanding with modalities and predicates 
Increase your influence to assist change in under 5 minutes
Understand, practice and become confident to change beliefs and habits using submodality distinctions to unlock           
Create elegant and powerfully positive anchors for yourself and others
Discover the individual steps that people take or strategies they have to either motivate themselves or make decisions, such as buying goods
Learn how people delete, distort and generalize in the way they speak and how this can give you clues to help them in dramatic ways
Explore and experience how Milton Model language patterns can assist exquisite change
Be able to re-frame elegantly and conversationally to help other people see things differently
Create congruence and alignment so that all of your energies work to your benefit  
Deal effectively with un-useful emotions and limiting beliefs of the past, for the future you want.

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