Removal of tramp oil and particles from metalworking coolant

Removal of tramp oil and particles from metalworking coolant from LUBRISERV LTD

By: LUBRISERV LTD  24/11/2010
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 By using an ALFIE 500 you could be:  

>Reducing coolant consumption by 80%
>Increasing tool life substantially
>Improving surface finish and tolerances
>Almost eliminate waste coolant completely
>Manufacturing cleaner parts - easier to measure, easier to wash
>Reducing downtime
>Improving the working enviroment - cleaner machines, no odours, lower maintenance.

For the metalworking industry, coolants are a major expense. Some are obvious: Replacing them – a messy and time consuming task. Disposing of them – a continually rising expense in the face of today’s environmental regulations.But dirty coolants also incur other less obvious but no less expensive costs. For example, tramp oil and solid particles in coolants can cause increased tool wear, quality problems during later processing and health problems for your personnel.

Reduces tramp oil down to 0.5% and most metal particles down to 1 micron - this is not your conventional tramp oil remover or filter !

LUBRISERV LTD are the UK Distributor for the ALFIE 500 For more information and a short video of the ALFIE 500 in action visit

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