New Technology Tramp Oil removal system from Lubriserv Ltd

New Technology Tramp Oil removal system from Lubriserv Ltd from LUBRISERV LTD

By: LUBRISERV LTD  28/10/2010
Keywords: machining, filtration, industrial lubricants

   New technology Tramp Oil removal System - Lube-Sep Advanced tramp oil separator for metalworking coolants  Eliminating tramp oil requires an advanced design. Positive coolant flow, superior float design and simple oil separation are key success factors. Unlike belt and wheel skimmers, the Lube-Sep draws coolant into the coalescing box at a minimum of 2,200 litres per day. This turnover guarantees oil removal via collection from the  surface of the coolant by a Tri-Vortex, 3 ball float. A simple weir and plate arrangement  captures the oil and sends it to a holding tank for disposal. Clean coolant is gravity-fed back to the machine sump

•Minimal maintenance – cleaning only takes minutes
•Processing capability - 2.25 to 3.4 l/min , up to 400L sumps
•Quick payback – 100% increase in fluid life
•Operator benefit – cleaner machines, reduced bacteria contamination
•Improved tool life – tool life increased by up to 25%
•Simple to use – pneumatic operation    

The unique floating pick-up skims the tramp oil and coolant mix from the top of the machine sump. As the liquid moves slowly through the patented steel coalescing plates, oil droplets as small as 20 microns are separated from the coolant and rise to the top of the Lube-Sep unit. When the oil layer builds up sufficiently in the unit, it passes over a specially-designed weir, and is trapped away from the clean coolant. The oil can then be removed periodically through the waste oil drain. Coolant, cleaned of 99% of contaminated oils, is returned directly through a filter to the machine sump.

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