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Metalworking Coolant Recycling from LUBRISERV LTD

By: LUBRISERV LTD  20/12/2010
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 For the metalworking industry, high performance coolants are a major expense. Some are obvious:
Replacing them – a dirty and time consuming task. Disposing of waste coolant – a continually rising expense in the face of today’s environmental regulations. But dirty coolants also incur other less obvious but no less expensive costs. For example, tramp oil and solid particles in coolants can cause increased tool wear, quality problems during later processing and health problems for your personnel. In short, it’s well worth the effort to take steps to keep your coolants clean. And with an ALFIE 500 centrifugal separator, it’s not much of an effort to begin with.

Every machining stage in your plant needs coolants.
Always having clean coolants will offer clear benefits.

Alfie 500 – worth evaluating
Alfie 500 is specifically designed to remove contaminants from coolants in smaller systems, using the time-tested technique of high-speed centrifugal separation. With its compact design, Alfie 500 is easy to move across a workshop floor. And you can use it to service several tanks, or just one, for volumes of up to 15 m3  (7,500 gallons).
The equipment is easy to operate thanks to a PLC-based control panel. And just about anyone can quickly learn how to operate and service it. Since the separator is installed in a bypass flow, Alfie 500 can treat the coolant during a production run or at standstill. Alfie 500 separates tramp oil as well as metal fines and solid particles down to 1 μm from the coolant.

Recycling means major savings Install Alfie 500 and your fluids will last much longer. Continuous cleaning extends the life of your coolants and, with top-ups, it can last as long as 10 years ! Imagine the savings on fluid disposal and replacement. No filters to replace or dispose of. Clean coolant is returned to your tanks, “pure” free oil or tramp oil is collected in a tank and a compact dry cake of particles collects on the inside of the separator bowl.Precise tools – better end quality In light of today’s zero-defect production philosophy, Alfie 500 is a clear asset in any metalworking plant. Clean coolant minimises tool wear caused by contaminants, giving more precise machining and fewer rejects.

Keep your tools running The Alfie 500 will raise your productivity. Clean coolants mean longer tool lifetime and longer production runs without tool changes. It also means fewer breakdowns due to solid particles clogging pumps and other equipment. Fewer stops for tank cleaning is yet another benefit.

 • Low fluid replacement/disposal costs
• Longer tool lifetime • Cleaner components, improved end-product quality
• Less downtime for service since the separator is installed in bypass flow
• Fewer man-hours required for maintenance of service fluids
• Healthier work environment
• Reduced impact on the environment

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