Lubriserv demonstrates coolant recycling at SUBCON 2011

Lubriserv demonstrates coolant recycling at SUBCON 2011 from LUBRISERV LTD

By: LUBRISERV LTD  18/05/2011
Keywords: filtration, industrial lubricants, Coolants

 Lubriserv will be showing a working metalworking coolant cleaning module - the Alfa Laval - Alfie 500. The Alfie 500 is a mobile, plug-and-play system designed to remove contaminants from smaller metalworking systems.
Based on high-speed centrifugal separation, it is suitable to handle volumes up to 5000 Litres, operating either at standstill or during a production run, without interrupting the machining process.

The Alfie 500 separates tramp oil as well as metal fines and solid particles down to 1µm from the coolant. With top-ups, continuous cleaning extends the coolant lifetime to up to 10 times the life of oil without a centrifuge. This means major savings on fluid and filter disposal and replacement. Clean coolants also extend tool lifetime and provide production runs without breakdowns. Clean coolants also result in more precise machining and fewer rejects.
All functions are controlled by a PLC-based control system. Operating in bypass flow, the compact Alfie 500 can be installed in any metalworking system.

The SUBCON and TOOLING exhibition is from the 7th JUne to the 9th June at the NEC, Birmingham.

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And it doesn't stop there !..............

Lubriserv offer a full range of metalworking lubricants specialising in forming and cutting.

High performance metalworking lubricants
Cold forging – heading, forging, multipurpose lubricants, skin pass, synthetic, chlorine/sulphur free lubricants
Hot forging – chlorine free, no smoke or fumes
Metalforming – vanishing oils, extrusion oils, chlorine and sulphur free oils, tube drawing and rolling Metalcutting – CNC coolants, neat cutting oils, chlorine/sulphur free, synthetic fluids, carbide grinding
Spark erosion – high purity synthetic EDM fluids
Rust preventatives – solvent based, oil based, water based, blacking/bluing
Heat treatment – polymer quenchants, water washable quench oil
Wire rope resins – compounds for pull ropes for fishing net, lifting, funicular, cable and railway ropes etc
Diecasting – smokeless synthetic, graphite free, plunger lubricants and compounds
Hydraulics – fire resistant glycols, water based and neat synthetic fluids
Cleaners – alternative solvents, aqueous cleaners, general degreasing fluids
Food Grade – full range of machinery lubricants and greases

Equipment solutions encompass
Oil & coolant recycling/filtration/purification - centrifuges, tramp oil removers, mag filters, flatbed, hydrocyclone,
Oil mist filtration –
Mist extractors, HEPA filtration, smoke extraction, welding fumes S
warf handling/transport – vacuum systems, skips, lifts, magnetic, belt,harpoon, hinged & mesh conveyors
Chip processing and briquetting - swarf shredders, crushers, swarf centrifuges, spinners, briquetters,
Machine and general cleaning vacuums – individual and centralised systems, separation of solids and liquids

Reference installations include, Airbus, Rolls Royce, Eaton, Goodrich, GKN, Dunlop Aerospace.

Fluid management services include
Lubricant survey and selection
Oil sampling, coolant control
Lubricant selection and planning, including equipment survey and filtration optimisation.
Purchasing and inventory management.
Comprehensive fluids usage monitoring and analysis.
Scheduled Machine cleaning and coolant filtration.
Personal exposure monitoring for workers
DustTrak air quality testing for machine environments
Waste fluid minimisation

Lubriserv supply world class metalworking lubricants, equipment and service to optimise your manufacturing processes. Lubriserv Ltd are the sole UK reseller for Lubra Industrial lubricants and chemical products, authorised UK Distributor for Alfa Laval mobile centrifuges and also offer a wide range of equipment for the metalworking industry. We have over 80 years combined staff experience in the lubricants business. Our dedicated team has a wealth of experience in achieving major cost reductions and performance increases across the metalworking industry by providing the optimum products, equipment and service contracts to many blue chip companies.

At Lubriserv we take the approach of looking at your total manufacturing process in order to recommend and supply you with the best metalworking lubricants and equipment to optimise manufacturing performance. This includes fluid consumption, waste generation and improving the working environment. Our approach will not only provide you with significant cost savings but will also ensure that you have optimised your processes with the correct technology and are complying to the latest health, safety and environmental directives.

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