High Performance Carbide grinding coolant

High Performance Carbide grinding coolant from LUBRISERV LTD

By: LUBRISERV LTD  28/10/2010
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RETIOL CO 33 is a synthetic water miscible lubrocoolant specifically developed for machining operations on metal carbide components and tools. RETIOL CO 33 is highly resistant against cobalt leaching and said to be particularly effective in high speed carbide grinding operations due to it's low foaming characteristics. RETIOL CO 33 does not contain any boron, secondary amines or mineral oil. RETIOL CO 33 offers the following significant performance benefiits:  

Ø  Protects against cobalt leaching
Ø  Transparent enabling clear view of work piece
Ø  Outstanding cooling properties
Ø  High resistance to bacterial and fungal growth
Ø  Superior Tramp Oil rejection
Ø  High detergency  - no wheel glazing, extends life
Ø  Fast settling of chips/fines – keeps machine cleaner and aids filtration
Ø  Low foam levels even on high pressure systems.
Ø  Excellent corrosion protection  

RETIOL CO 33, owing to its innovative formulation and to absence of mineral oil, ensures the highest compliance with health and environmental requirements.       

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