Fast payback for coolant cleaning using a mobile coolant centrifuge

Fast payback for coolant cleaning using a mobile coolant centrifuge from LUBRISERV LTD

By: LUBRISERV LTD  25/01/2011
Keywords: machining, filtration, industrial lubricants

 Any CNC Machine shop with more than a couple of machine tools can benefit from what the Alfie 500 has to offer – the ability to clean and recycle coolants and cutting fluids almost indefinitely and save enough within the first 12 months of operation to pay back the capital cost of the machine in full.
Just take a look at the example set out below and you’ll soon appreciate what the Alfie 500 could do for your company.

Typical payback example
This is a typical, small machine shop with five machine tools of roughly similar throughput, each with a sump capacity of 1500 litres.

• Fill 1 machine @5%conc @ £2.80/litre x 4times per year =                     £ 840 per year.
• Annual disposal costs for 6000L of used coolant @ £0.08 per litre =         £ 480 per year
• Downtime @ 250/litre x 2 hours per charge x 4 times/year =                   £ 2880 per year
• Total annual cost (excluding labour & water charges) =                           £ 4200 per year

By using an Alfie 500 you would, as a minimum, double the life of the fluid, effectively halving annual coolant costs at a stroke and saving approx £2100 on just one machine. Multiply that saving by the number of machines installed, i.e. 5, and the total saving of £10,500 per year is more than enough to pay the initial capital cost of an Alfie 500

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