By: LUBRISERV LTD  27/07/2010
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      EUROSPARK APPROVAL FOR NEW HIGH PERFORMANCE, HIGH PURITY SYNTHETIC EDM FLUID   Following successful machine trials at Eurospark’s Leicester facility against other market leading brands of EDM fluids, CORSMOT EDM/CH PLUS has proved to have significant performance benefits and is now recommended by Eurospark.

Richard Wells, Managing Director of Lubriserv Ltd commented “ We are very pleased to have been involved in the trials at Eurospark and following the outstanding performance results from Corsmot EDM/CH Plus, Eurospark not only recommend our product but are now agents for this product line. Eurospark are offering the product with their technical advice and back up coupled with next day delivery. We are very proud to be associated with Eurospark and look forward to a long partnership”.

The name Eurospark can be traced back to the earliest days of spark erosion. The company is a recognised expert in this very specialised field. It can offer users an unrivalled knowledge base and technology expertise. Eurospark is the sole UK agent for Joemars EDM machines and each machine that we sell is fully supported by our team of engineers. Eurospark  also supply an impressive range of consumables together with spare parts for Hurco, Agemaspark and Eurospark EDM machines.
The technical support from Eurospark is complemented by its Sister company Agemaspark based in Doncaster. Agemaspark is not just the main showroom, it’s a real working facility with all the machines that are sold actually being used to produce components to customer requirements on a commercial basis. Because of this dynamic experience and knowledge Eurospark have all the technical capability to provide an unbeatable EDM solutions facility.

This high purity synthetic EDM fluid is now available through EUROSPARK in 150Kg Barrels and 20Kg Pails – contact Eurospark Sales office for more information on  01455 292002

CORSMOT EDM/CH PLUS performance has been specifically developed for the latest EDM Machine’s demanding environment. Faster Machines, shortening cycle times, tighter tolerances, environmental requirements and operator Health and Safety (dry skin/dermatitis) – all these requirements demand a revolutionary EDM fluid - CORSMOT EDM/CH PLUS

Where To Use It:
Di-electric fluid in electrical discharge machining operations.
Electrical discharge machining in the tool and die industry.
Electrical discharge machining in the moulds industry (diecasting, pressing, injection etc).
Fine boring of aerofoil honeycombs in nickel alloys. Eg Inconel 718. Medical, computer and aerospace industries.
Manufacturing of aircraft components, turbine blades, valves, regulators, hardware, tools, etc...

Performance Benefits:
CORSMOT EDM/CH PLUS is especially formulated to deliver the significant performance benefits: Extended fluid Life. This fluid does not grow old and "extends burn times."
Higher flash points reduces potential fire hazard.
Extremely low evaporation and low volatility! Operator exposure to fumes and vapours is greatly reduced.
Quick flushing due to its low viscosity.
Lower specific gravity aids quick settlement of particles in the filter.
Extremely low odour levels throughout its lifetime.
The fluid will not degrade under high ampage, high temperature or in the presence of copper electrodes.
Clean and clear - when you open a barrel, you can see straight to the bottom.
Improved health and safety for operators. The aromatic content is almost undetectable compared to typical EDM fluids.
Reduced post polishing time due to higher di-electric strength.

CORSMOT EDM/CH PLUS is compatible with rubber and friendly for your hoses, seals and gaskets. Operators will welcome the improved condition of their skin. The typical dry, white, defatted skin normally experienced after washing or wiping other EDM fluids from hands will disappear. No potential interference or staining of machine tools from coloured dyes. CORSMOT EDM/CH PLUS - High purity synthetic fluid is specifically formulated for use both in roughing and finishing operations on modern medium-to-high power machines of most leading manufacturers (AEG, AGIE, CDM, CORMAC, CHARMILLES, DECKEL, EROTECH, ONA, SODICK etc.). CORSMOT EDM/CH PLUS is a truly superior synthetic edm fluid without any of the gimmicky dyes or meaningless claims that cannot be backed up. If you want a product with a very long life and continuous predictability of machining times this is the fluid for you.   High performance with very low odour low volatility and very low level of aromatics, combined with absence of fuming, optimum metal removal rates, reduced electrode wear, good surface finish and excellent tolerance by operators.  

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