SureFire flashlight and Gerber torches

By: Intelligent Armour Limited  13/06/2010
Keywords: Military Equipment, Military Surplus, Police Equipment

SureFire flashlight and Gerber torches; super-bright hand-held and mounted torches and flashlights that will not leave you in the dark

Sturdy torches and flashlights for visibilty in poor lighting and tracking. Hand-helds and head mounted models available.

All of these SureFire flashlight and Gerber torches are suitable as military flashlights and police flashlights are great value

Surefire E1B Backup Torch
Surefire E1E Executive Elite Flashlight
Surefire E2E Executive Elite Flashlight
Surefire E2L Outdoorsman Torch
Surefire L1 LumaMax Torch
Surefire L2 LumaMax Torch
Surefire L4 LumaMax torch
Surefire L5 LumaMax Torch
Surefire C2 Centurion Flashlight
SurefireE1L Outdoorsman torch
Surefire A2 Aviator torch
Surefire U2 Ultra flashlight
Surefire 6P Original torch
Surefire 6P Defender flashlight
Surefire M3 CombatLight flashlight
Surefire M2 Centurion Flashlight
Surefire Z2 CombatLight
Surefire G2 Nitrolon Torch
Gerber TriTac tactical flashlight
Carnivore Blood Tracking Light
Gerber TX3.0 Tactical Flashlight
Gerber Recon Torch

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