DRT quoted in Coaching Edge magazine

DRT quoted in Coaching Edge magazine from Divine Reiki Training

By: Divine Reiki Training  08/12/2015
Keywords: cricket, reiki, Football Club

Reiki and Sport/Athletes =================== I was recently interviewed for Sports Coaching UK's magazine, "Coaching Edge" on how Reiki can help in sport. Here is an excerpt: "Sport is as much about managing thoughts and emotions as it is mastering skills. Fear of failure, under-performing and not being good enough get in the way of playing to the best of your ability and enjoying the game. Reiki can help players overcome mental and emotional barriers to performance and well-being. If you’re too much in your head – over-thinking, analysing, worrying, stressing – you won’t be focused enough, on what you’re actually doing. If you’re over-thinking, there’s not enough focus, where you need it, elsewhere in your body, on your feet, legs, hands, arms. Or, for that matter, on the ball, the situation or the opponent. Reiki helps balance the body’s energy. You need balance to be fully co-ordinated, to be able to operate at your best. Reiki also provides great stress relief, helps you relax if you’re exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. After a session, you feel more positive, particularly if you’ve been doubting yourself, if you’re anxious about your place in the team, or worried, after returning from injury, that the injury will flare up again, if you push yourself too hard"

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