Assertiveness & Influencing Skills Course

Assertiveness & Influencing Skills Course from Jupiter Training

By: Jupiter Training  04/11/2009
Keywords: personal development, management training, NLP

Assertiveness and influencing are the two key interpersonal skills in today’s workplace, as you can not influence effectively without being assertive.  
The aim of this training programme is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding, and the practical application of assertiveness and influencing skills in the workplace.  
You have the opportunity to self-assess your levels of assertiveness and your preferred influencing style, and are provided with behavioural tools and processes that enable you to apply your assertiveness and influencing skills in workplace situations.  

Course Content:

How Assertive Are You?
Behavioural Definitions
Recognising Behaviours
The Six Levels of Assertion
The Benefits of Assertive Behaviour in the Workplace
Your Preferred Influencing Style
The Influencing Preparation Model
Preparing to Influence Effectively

You will learn:  


Your levels of assertiveness in the workplace
Behavioural definitions: assertiveness, non-assertiveness, aggressiveness
How to recognise the 3 behaviours in workplace situations
The 6 Levels of Assertion  
How to apply ‘The 6 Levels of Assertion’ to workplace situations
How to recognise behavioural traits
The benefits of assertive behaviour in the workplace  


Your preferred Influencing Style
How to Identify the 5 Influencing Styles
How to use the 5 Influencing Styles to achieve results
The Influencing Preparation Model
How to apply ‘The Influencing Preparation Model’ to workplace situations  
How to prepare yourself to influence effectively
Action Planning: implementing your skills in the workplace


This is a practical workshop, providing you with the skills to be more assertive and influential in the workplace.    

Duration:  1 day
Cost:  £195+vat/delegate
Course Code: JTPD02
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