Dental Implants

Dental Implants from Illume

By: Illume  10/12/2010
Keywords: Cosmetic dentist, cosmetic dental treatments, Aesthetic Dentistry

It never ceases to amaze us that so many people are seemingly happy to have gappy smiles and struggle to eat properly.

Missing teeth are commonplace — just look around you — you can’t help but notice. At the front of the mouth they are an obvious cosmetic problem but people often don’t realise that missing side teeth are really obvious too.

And that’s just the appearance side of having a gap. Missing teeth cause a variety of other problems as well, such as drifting and movement of other teeth making them harder to clean, potentially leading to gum disease and further tooth loss, and of course when teeth are missing there is more stress on the remaining teeth possibly shortening their life too.

There are many good reasons for replacing missing teeth and until relatively recently we only had dentures or bridges to do it. Now, while dentures and bridges can be very effective and remain very useful, the arrival of dental implants has transformed the options available.

After all, why would you not want a replacement that is fixed, strong, lifelike, reliable, long lasting and above all, more like the real thing than anything we have been able offer before.

So, how do we use dental implants?

They can be used to:

  • - replace single missing teeth with lifelike ceramic crowns
  • - replace multiple missing teeth with fixed bridgework
  • - rebuild complete mouths where all teeth have been lost

Keywords: Aesthetic Dentistry, cosmetic dental treatments, Cosmetic dentist