Baby Clothes Bouquets

Baby Clothes Bouquets from BabyBlooms Ltd

By: BabyBlooms Ltd  18/11/2009
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A bouquet of hand-rolled baby clothes is a great alternative to sending baby flowers as a new baby gift. A baby clothes bouquet looks just like a bunch of flowers, but the flower buds consist of super soft baby clothing. The clothes are either baby suits, baby socks, bibs, mittens or hats. They are made of either super soft cotton, or organic cotton which is actually fantastically soft itself. BabyBlooms baby clothes bouquets come in pink, in blue or in natural colours. The natural colour is made from organic cotton and is conveniently neutral so you customers don't have to worry about the sex of the baby if they don't yet know it or if they don't want to presume anything about how the parents want to bring their new baby up.

Each baby clothes bouquet is  finished with delicate foliage made from silk leaves and hand tied, so that it will arrive looking great. It is delivered in its own stylishly printed presentation box. Customers are able to send the bouquet online with their personal message which is printed on a gift card which is then put in the box before it is shipped.

The great thing about this way of sending this kind of baby gift is that it is practical and as well as beautiful. And because it lasts much longer than baby flowers it remains in the memory of the new parents for much longer. There are some wonderful testimonials on the BabyBlooms web site from new parents who are absolutely thrilled to get something so lovely, unique and thoughtful.

There are other new baby gifts on the web site too which combine baby clothes bouquets, for example, in a baby gift basket with other pampering gifts or nursery products. There are also individual sock rosebuds with which you can make your own arrangement (they come in 8 colours) or take along to a baby shower party to make a table centrpiece of combine with other gifts.

So what BabyBlooms has done is to actually make it really easy for people to send their love, congratulations and best wishes to new parents by giving them a full range of unique and traditional new baby gift ideas and the convenience of being to buy it online and send it to anywhere in the UK for next day delivery. Other countries take a bit longer...

BabyBlooms started with baby clothes bouquets and they now have many loyal fans with people and companies who send them that are so delighted with the reaction they get, that they keep sending them to other new mums they know. The BB logo which is embroidered into every item of clothing has become quite well known, but there are still many new parents who are yet to be delighted to receive such a unique gift. 

Keywords: Baby Clothes Bouquets, baby flowers, New Baby Gifts