Carl Zeiss i.Scription - and suddenly you see more at night and in low light

By: Cliff Williams Independent Zeiss Opticians  23/10/2010
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Better lenses thanks to the innovative , high-tech eye measuring system exclusively in Scotland at Cliff Williams Opticians, Kirkcaldy, Fife.

Spectacle wearers can now have the visual performance of their eyes corrected more effectively than ever.
Thanks to the new ZEISS high-tech eye measuring system shown in the movie on the right, visual defects can now be recorded more effectively and precisely. By taking these measuring results into account in ZEISS spectacle production, patients receive lenses with which they can experience the ZEISS Best Vision Effect. The result: better colour perception and optimised vision, also in poor light and at night.

Seeing everything perfectly during the daytime and having to strain their eyes at night are something all spectacle wearers are familiar with. They are also strongly irritated by flare and halo effects, which can be a major safety risk when driving.

In this case, the lenses are not optimally adjusted to the wearer's eyes. This is attributable to the measuring technique used until now which cannot determine all visual defects of the eye. Your optician calls this technique subjective refraction. Subjective means that the power of your future lenses is not determined by measuring equipment alone, but is adapted to your own personal perception. Practically every spectacle wearer knows just how difficult it is to see any real differences when the optician inserts new powers in the testing equipment during the refraction process. The current method is also used in the new technique, but here it serves to test spatial perception in binocular vision.

The objective ZEISS high-tech eye measuring technique prevents the errors and limitations which can result from eye fatigue or the patient's state of health on the day when traditional refraction is performed. It measures the eyes independently of each other and as is the case in night vision with the pupil dilated. And it records irregularities of the eye much more effectively and precisely. These are responsible, for example, for reduced contrast or reduced vision in poor light or at night.

This lens optimisation is available as an additional option for ZEISS lenses under the name i.Scription® lenses. This consists of two components: the eye examination with the innovative ZEISS high-tech eye measuring system and the incorporation of these personalised measuring results in i.Scription® lens production at Carl Zeiss.

i.Scription® lenses can considerably improve visual performance at night and increase the safety of night driving. Opticians who offer these lenses have found that this optimization has led to an improvement in many patients' vision. Our patients are impressed by the i.Scription® lenses from ZEISS we compute with the new ZEISS high-tech eye measuring system. At night in particular, the difference from traditional lenses is enormous," is the verdict of one German optician.

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