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By: nextgenergy  27/11/2012
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Domestic solar panels/photovoltaic systems, sizes from 2kWp to 100kWp, priced from £2,900 inc vat.  We focus on being honest with people - encouraging people to go for the size of system best matched to their needs depending on how much electricity they use - too many others have purchased systems really too large for their needs just because their roof happens to be spacious enough to take a large array.  Benefits of solar pv: generate your own electricity - become a mini power station, use your own generated electricity as it's being generated - use what you can and top it up from imported electricity if your immediate demand exceeds what you are generating, reduce your electricity bill, get paid quarterly for all the kWhs that you generate - even when you use it yourself for free - via the government's 20-year tax-free Generation Tariff/Feed In Tariff available from your energy supplier, also get paid quarterly for 50% of all the kWhs that you generate on a deemed (estimated) export basis - via the government's 20-year tax-free Export Tariff/Feed In Tariff available from your energy supplier.  It is worth contacting The Energy Saving Trust in Scotland on 0800 512 012 to discuss any intention to install a solar pv system in advance of arranging this - they may be able to offer some financial assistance.  Once you have solar pv installed, if you have a system/condensing boiler with a separate water tank, then there are products available which can enable you to heat water for free using your excess solar electricity, ie preventing it being exported, diverting it instead and use it yourself by
investing it in the heating of the water in your tank - products for consideration are immerSUN and the PassivEnergy Management System with is Smart Immersion Switch as an add-on - see other pages on nextgenergy's hotfrog about these products - more potential to save money on energy bills.

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