Beautiful Custom Made Picture Mounts Available Online

Beautiful Custom Made Picture Mounts Available Online from EzeFrame

By: EzeFrame  06/02/2014
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Picture mounts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. More than the actual frame, it is also important to use the right mounting board to make sure that photographs and artworks protect from the elements, especially from moisture, which can permanently damage objects. When preserving any kind of photograph or artwork, or photo mat boards made from durable materials that create a proper barrier from moisture and other outside elements that might affect the quality and appearance of displayed objects. After all, you are protecting a priceless memory—a very important picture. Wouldn’t you want it to last a very long time?

Photo or picture mounting boards are grouped into to major classifications— one is solid wood mounts and the other is mounts with a solid foam core. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. We describe them below so you can choose what’s best for you.

Wooden mounts are generally more durable and provide better support for photographs. However, they provide less resistance to moisture, which makes pictures prone to premature aging and possible damage. To protect pictures from moisture, you will need to wrap the board in plastic sheets or similar materials to add resistance against moisture. Custom wooden mounts can be made with more permanent backing materials to avoid the hassle of having to replace plastic sheets periodically because of natural wear and tear.

Foam core picture mounts, on the other hand, provide superior resistance to moisture while also offering durability, although it does not have the same solid structure as the wooden variety. While foam mounts are great in protecting photographs from the outside elements, they often bend easily, which may cause folding marks on photos. A good solution for this is installing a hard surface beneath the mounting foam to add resistance to bending and flexing.

Picture mounts and boards also come in adhesive varieties to secure positioning more effectively and permanently. This is ideal when you want to directly attach images and photographs with the board and make sure that they don't fall out of place after some time. These adhesive boards are mostly paper-friendly and will not damage your photos in any way. They are more convenient to use than non-adhesive types, which you would have to manually put glue or any other type of adhesive on to secure photos.

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Keywords: online picture framers

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