Disilicide coating

By: Molybdenum, Tantalum,Tungsten Supplies and Fabrications Ltd (UK BASED)  01/11/2009
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We are happy to announce that our new dedicated Disilicide coating unit in Chelmsford  will be open on the 9th November 2009 capable of offering our RefractorCoat(trademark pending) service to apply a "diamond" like protective coating to all Refractory metals to prevent oxidization at high tempratures in an air atmosphere. It is especially effective on Molybdenum used in the glass industry as it does not "gas off" or discolour the glass. It can also be used for furnace parts that operate in a non inert atmosphere.
We have perfected this process that we believe will outlast any other coating on the market as I have been involved in Disilicide coating for over 30 years and have managed to perfect and finely tune to achieve a thicker, harder, longer lasting coating that will not chip, crack or flake under any conditions.Unlike other coatings RefractorCoat is not a sprayed on coating that tends to peel/crack or flake, but it is applied by high temperature chemical deposition that bonds to become part of the coated electrode/machined part. 
Please contact us for a free Molybdenum coated sample rod for trials.

Keywords: disilicide coating, molybdenum crucibles, Molybdenum rods, Molybdenum suppliers, Molybdenum trays,

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