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By: Effjey Ltd  17/11/2010
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Introducing Snoreseal

Snoreseal is designed to aid the snorer by keeping the chin up and the lips together.

The development.

Snoreseal was developed by Bradley Scott Medical Inc of . The team were involved in the development of Breathe Right Strips. From the professional feed back, research and surveys conducted during the development of Breath Right Strips it was noted that conventional products, mouth guards and chinstraps etc address the open mouth problem but are cumbersome and intrusive. Other issues came to the fore in surveys such as hygiene and comfort.

Using the adhesive approach applied in the Breathe Right Strip the development team set about designing a product that when applied to dry lips keeps the chin up and the mouth almost closed. A patented baffle between the upper and lower adhesive pads is designed to allow the mouth to open sufficiently to allow free breathing but importantly keeps the chin up and the jaw in a forward closed position.

The benefits

Mouth guards are undoubtedly intrusive, surveys show although they can be effective the wearer is very conscious of the presence of such a large object in the mouth. There are also the problems of sore spots in the mouth due to ill fitting and if not regularly sterilized mouth guards become a source of bacterial infection. Chin straps again make the wearer very conscious of their presence and are easily dislodged during normal sleep movements.

Snoreseal addresses these problems.

Because Snoreseal is applied to the lips there is no intrusion into the mouth. The wearer is free to swallow, there is no restriction of the tongue and even a drink can be taken while the Snoreseal is in place. The risk of sore spots is completely eliminated and as Snoreseal is a disposable product the hygiene risk is non existent.


Snoreseal is manufactured to high standards by the same manufacturing company that produce Breathe Right Strips. All materials and manufacturing procedures are to medical standards.

Snoreseal is MDE Licensed and is in the final stages of FDA approval. Clinical trials are under way. Until recently Snoreseal has only been available in the and where in the region of 20,000 packs are sold per month. The product has only been on the market for 18 months and is now available in the and the rest of . Snoreseal does not claim to cure snoring I think we all know that a total cure is probably impossible but Snoreseal has helped a great many people where other products fail.

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