GeoMaps and proximity search added to campsite directory

GeoMaps and proximity search added to campsite directory from Touring And Tenting

By: Touring And Tenting  29/11/2009
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I am pleased to say that geo mapping and geotargetting have been added to the campsite directory this weekend and is now live.

This new function allows you to type in a postcode or address and and get the driving or walking directions.

You can use this to plot your journey or find nearby locations. Alongside this there is also "street view" meaning that in some instances you can see photogrpaphs of the area, depending upon if Google has photographed the area.

The attached screenshot shows the layout of the mapping in the campsite directory with the usual map on the right and the street view on the left.

Above that is the directions button this is where you type in either your to or from address, this can be just the post code or street name.

Alongside this the system uses geotargetting meaning that the map shown on the home page, will centre around the area you area you are in.

Another feature is when you browse counties you will see small map on the right which lists all the campsites we have in the area. You can click on the markers to take you to that campsite

The best working example of the above is Abbey Wood, please visit the website to try it for yourself.

I hope you like the new system, it still needs some work to get all the maps correct, please let me know if you find any problems

Keywords: camp site, camping