Beautiful contemporary/modern designed rugs made from the purest fine 100% NewZealand wool

By: The Rugs Collection Ltd  25/08/2010
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The Rugs Collection sell eleven differnt ranges of modern/contmeporary designed rugs,The RO4 range rugs are hand tufted, patterned rugs made in the finest pure New Zealand wool. This rug has three levels of pile height, which adds more texture and introduces a real sculpted 3D dimension to stunning effect.The pile height ranges from 10-22mm.
The Best Sellers range are all hand tufted patterned rugs made from the finest pure 100% New Zealand wool. Many of the rug designs come in rectangular, round and runner formats to provide a dazzling focal point in any room. These rugs are designed with quality and elegance in mind by craftsmen to stand the test of time. The pile height is 12mm.
The Black Magic range is a unique development in the world of rugs. Hand tufted in a blend of Indian wool and coloured rayon producing startling results. The light reflective qualities of the rayon give the rugs an almost mysterious coloured sheen which changes intensity depending on the viewing angle.These rugs are made from the best quality materials by craftsmen to a very high standard.The pile height is 12mm.
The Grasslands range rug is made from a special type of Indian jute that is unique and exclusive. The jute is called 'sun fibre'and is the finest of its kind, producing delightful variations in tone and colour. These natural beauties are hand knotted and the rugs are available in plain and stripped versions. The pile height is 18mm
The Platinum range is the ultimate in refinement and sophistication. Hand loomed in viscose, the combination of fine bands of cut and loop pile produces a rug with a beautiful soft lustrous texture that is very pleasing to both touch and eye. The low pile height only adds to their elegant minimalism and will lend a superior aura to their location The pile height is 6mm
The Textured range of rugs have a unique subtly speckled texture. The rugs are hand loomed using a blend of Indian and Argentinian wool which has been dyed twice. This double cycle of dyeing the yarn gives the rugs their special texture, which when twisted together, results in the speckled appearance. These rugs will add a welcome splash of colour and greatly embellish the spaces they are inThe pile height is 12mm
The metallics range rugs are hand loomed in cut pile rayon which gives the rug a beautiful reflective sheen. The rayon bounces back light in numerous random directions that make each rug look completely different when viewed from varying angles. These rugs will add a touch of class to any settingThe pile height is 12mm
The Sapphire rangerugs are hand loomed in felted polyester yarn using an exclusive and unique double back weaving technique giving the rugs a wonderful glittering iridescenceThe pile height is 25mm
The Silkies rang rugs contains shag pile with a difference. These rugs are hand knotted made with the finest pure New Zealand wool which has been mixed in with copious amounts of rayon. As a result these deep pile rugs have a beautiful varied and unstructed texture with the rayon adding a luxious sheen. This rug is made from the best quality materials by real craftsmen.The pile height is an amazing 60mm
The Fusion range rugs are hand knotted and made with a generous helping of fine polyester yarn which is very soft to touch and also produces a subtly varying sheen. With their easy and stylish elegance, these rugs will be the star attraction in any interiorThe pile height is 25mm
The Shaggies range rugs are hand knotted and made in the finest pure New Zealand wool with an additional mixture of jute to provide extra body and texture. Our shaggies rugs have wool backs which are superior to the more commonly used cotton backs and this superiority extends to the wool which has been double dyed in 2 separate phases to provide added depth and purity of colour.The pile height is an amazing 70mm

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