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Is an antient form of healing, dating back at least 40,000 years, the Shaman believes that Everything has a spirit, the Trees, stones, plants, animals,everything and when the spirit is out of balance harmony needs to be restored, to do this the Shaman works closely with their tutallary spirit and power animals as this work is a partnership with them and the healer. Shamanism is for empowerment of the Self and the Soul and is a deeper form of healing.

By healing the mind body and the Soul, it can restore your sense of power, giving you renewed strength in your daily life, leaving you feeling completeand able to cope in situations that seemed to get you down

Symptoms that are treated with shamanism and symptoms to look at in your self are:
Feelings of depression, anxiety, Trauma, Addictions, Chronic problems-fatigue, suicidal thoughts & tendencies, not being able to get on with life, dis-association, re-occuring patterns and or partners, but with the same pain, feeling stuck, Low, un-able to cope.

These are all signs that at some point in your life you would of sufferedor been through a trauma of any kind, and at that point a part of your soul leaves your body, leaving you feeling incomplete.

Healing work could include:

Soul Retrieval
Power animal retrieval
Shamanic Counselling

Free Consultation

£25 per hour
For more information on how Shamanism can healor Helpyou in your day to day life the please do not hesitate to where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the above healing techiniques.

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