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Black Hills Solar Backpack Rucksack from Ecodigital

By: Ecodigital  30/03/2009
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 The NEW Black Hills Outdoor Solar Backpack is designed to meet the demands of today‚Äôs fast-paced, eco-conscious society. Power on-the-move has become essential with the large number of electrical consumer products now available. From mobile phones to mp3 players, these products are playing an integral part of everyday life so there is a need to ensure that these devices are constantly powered regardless of location or circumstance.

Charge Your Phone Or Ipod

Continuous Power Source

Use It Anywhere In The World

17 Device Adaptors Included

Easy-To-Use, Plug 'N' Charge Saves You Money On Your Bills

Black Hills Outdoor Solar Backpack combines the functionality and comfort of a premium level lightweight backpack with an integrated solar power system to give you charge on-the-move.

FeaturesThe backpack incorporates an integrated solar panel on the fascia of the bag which soaks up sunlight and stores the energy generated from the solar rays in a Lithium internal battery. This rechargeable battery continuously receives a trickle charge from the solar panel and then uses the stored energy to charge your chosen device.

In addition, this stylish backpack also features a mains power plug and USB charging cable so you can boost the power in the battery before leave home. The bag also boasts an integrated headphone port so you can keep your media player dry and three spacious front compartments so you can keep your equipment and accessories.The main storage compartment of the bag is spacious 25 litres in size so you'll have plenty of room for everyday items and also those travel essentials when away from home.

Charging AdaptorsProvided with the backpack are 17 essential adaptors. These adaptors will enable the supply of power to todays leading consumer electrical devices including most mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players, PDAs and more. Click here for a full compatibility list. The backpack also comes with a mains AC adaptor that allows the user to charge the battery employing mains power and a USB cable to enable charging via a computer.

The Black Hills Solar Backpack uses light to charge the internal battery. The internal battery then delivers a continuous trickle charges to your devices whilst you conitinue with your busy lifestyle.The Black Hills Solar Backpack product boasts high quality design and has been built to exacting standards and has gained the recognised CE certificate for quality. These standards provide the customer with a reliable and durable product that can be utilised for a vast range of activities like commuting to the office or walking in the mountains.Power Storage

All Black Hills Solar Backpacks are sold with a custom-built battery pack which stores any surplus power generated; so it is available when you need it - not just when it's daylight. The battery packs can also be charged using the USB cable supplied by connecting to a PC or laptop or, alternatively, via the mains with the plug supplied.

Power Output

The solar panel on the Black Hills Solar Backpack delivers 6V/120mA maximum output. The battery output is 3.7V/800mA. This output is dependant on light and weather conditions. Sunlight will obviously delivers the best performance but the panel we use also charges in any type of light, even artifical light. The charge delivered to the internal battery is a continuous trickle charge and the charge delivered to a device from the battery is constant until the device is fully charged or until the battery has used up it's energy storage capacity.*Results may vary dependant on make, model and age of handset.

These figures are based on controlled testing in British summertime. Best results are achieved through direct sunlight, however, if the bag is in continuous daylight the trickle charge will be maintained allowing the majority of the power employed to be constantly replaced.

Please note: The Black Hills Solar Backpack device will not produce enough power to charge a laptop or similar device.

Material and Build

The Black Hills Solar Backpack has been built to withstand extensive use and to protect your belongings in everyday situations for both work and play. The outer body is made from 100% cotton, a durable, natural fabric with tactile appeal.

Electronic Device Charge Time in Direct Sunlight Power generated*Time to fully charge the internal battery will be approx. 10-14 hours during Sunny conditions.

Time to charge internal battery via mains or USB will be approx. 2 hours.

Mobile Phone - 2 hours charge from battery

iPod / MP3 Player - 2 hours charge from battery Multimedia Players - 3 hours charge from battery

For best performance we recommend that you charge the internal battery prior to use using the mains or a computer. You can then utilise the backpack's solar panel to trickle charge the battery.

Key Features

Integrated Solar Panel

Internal Battery

17 Electronic Device Adaptors

AC Mains Charging Plug

USB Charging Cable Power Out Cable

Comfortable, high quality design.

Headphone Port

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