Sales Mentoring

By: Biz-consultants  03/11/2010
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   You can increase the value of your business   By improving the profitability of your business through a review of your costs, products, market place and sales/marketing plans.     Ask yourself these questions;   Is your order book healthy? Are your sales up or down on last year? How are things looking for the next week, next month or the next quarter? Are you pro-active in  bringing in new clients and getting more orders from your existing customers? How many effective marketing methods of reaching potential customers are you making use of every day? Are you actually uncomfortable with the sales and marketing role? Is it something you know you should be doing more of… but really don’t know where to start?   If you’re like 90% of business owners out there, (and I guess you are), then i can make a good guess at your answers. The good news is, we can help.   You will recieve support at a  price that is affordable for any business from a shop to a company with a multi-million pound turnover. To improve the performance of any business may involve the owners/directors changing how they manage the business going forward. You will only recieve advise to change if we can also show the benefits.   There are many companies offering 5 and 10 step programs to increase your business and solve your problems but you may as well open a fortune cookie. We are sales and marketing professionals who live in the real world.      

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