Now a Nominet Member and Registrar!

By: Intelligent Penguin  18/05/2011
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Here at Intelligent Penguin we are pleased to announce that we are now a registered Nominet member and Registrar...but what does this mean?!

Like many other web design/web development/online service agencies we have previously purchased domains for customers through third party's...there's nothing wrong with this, it's just how we all start out.  Where problems do occur is through the support of that domain, not directly controlling the domain makes it difficult to solve any complex issues without having to get the third party involved.  The other issue tends to be cost.  Domains aren't expensive - they do, however, get expensive when you start passing on the profit margins of a third party and become pressured into reducing the profit margin to the point of nothing...and that's just not good for business.

Becoming a Nominet registrar is not all about cost or support (although it certainly does help!), it's also the last step to being a completely self sufficient business - it's about credibility really.  In the years Intelligent Penguin has been around, it has grown from being a reseller of services, to a bonefide supplier of services...managing it's own servers to supply hosting, and now managing domains directly with Nominet.  

Should you want to buy a domain from us, we have 2 IPS tags - just for fun really.  We have our main tag IPENGUIN, as well as a slightly more vague tag I-P which you may wish to use if you're reselling.

Keywords: content management system, dedicated servers, managed hosting, software development, web design, Web Development

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