8 Week Fitness Boost

By: Top2toe Health  01/09/2011
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Do you want to boost your fitness so you can feel full of energy, get fit for sport or get stronger? At the end of the 8 weeks you will: Have made great changes to your fitness and strength levels and will be feeling more energised and reinvigorated Receive eight face-to-face sessions Receive one activity/exercise plan to follow on your own Receive all the email and telephone support and advice you need over an 8 week period The eight face-to-face sessions are entirely tailored to what you need from the programme. In the first session we’ll discuss your goals, where you feel you need my help, and we’ll look at your life and body where they are now. In the second session I will check your fitness and ability levels so that I can design a programme for you that suits your body now and gets you to where you want your body to be in the future. Below is a list of things the next six sessions could typically include, although it’s not an exhaustive list: Circuits Boosting fitness, strength and weight loss, circuits are a fun way to workout. The elements can include fast-paced exercises to build fitness, weights to improve strength and weight-loss and slower-paced exercises to improve endurance. Running Training Have you always wanted to be able to run, but found it too hard? I have designed a fantastic running plan that could get you running 5K in 8 to 10 weeks, without that awful gasping for breath feeling. Quality of Life As we age, the effects of our lifestyle and diet can dramatically change the quality of life we experience. These sessions aim to slow and reverse the aging process by improving your fitness, mobility, balance and strength.  I use equipment and an environment that you can feel comfortable with - be it a chair, a light weight or a walk in the woods. Golf Conditioning Every golfer wants to play better golf. For many, golf is a chance to relax, relieve stress, do business and exercise. However, the desire to lower their personal handicap is present in even the most recreational of golfers. These sessions aim to improve core stability, increase power in a full range of motion and reduce stiffness and pain. Boxing Boxing is one of the toughest sports, requiring both strength and exceptional fitness and agility. These sessions use elements from boxing training to boost health and fitness, plus they're a great stress relief! Equipment that can be used in these sessions include boxing gloves/pads, skipping ropes and medicine balls along with lots of body weight exercises. Posture Correction & Core Stability Many people experience aches and pains, commonly this is due to poor posture and core stability. These sessions will aim to improve your posture and core stability by providing you with exercises that are specific to your body. Strength Training These sessions are designed to improve the size and strength of muscles using weights and resistance bands. Strength training will increase the amount of calories you can burn at rest and vastly improve muscle tone. Women can participate without the worry of developing large muscles.

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