12 Week Health Boost

By: Top2toe Health  01/09/2011
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Are you ready to make changes to your life, but need guidance and support to help you get there? At the end of the 12 weeks you will: Have made changes to your life that will bring you more energy, a greater sense of wellbeing and the confidence and knowledge to help you continue to make healthy changes Know what is really important to you, what your long term goals are and how you’re going to achieve them Increase your knowledge in areas of interest to you such as: health, fitness, diet, stress relief, postural and mobility improvement and the effect of exercise and diet on any health conditions you suffer from A folder that contains all the information that we’ve gathered over the last 12 weeks, so you can see how far you’ve come. Receive ten face-to-face sessions Receive two activity/exercise plans to follow on your own Receive all the email and telephone support and advice you need over a three month period The ten face-to-face sessions are entirely tailored to what you need from the programme. In the first session we’ll discuss your goals, where you feel you need my help, and we’ll look at your life and body where they are now. After that, I will design a programme and session plan that will help you reach the goals we discussed in the first session and fits in with your lifestyle and requirements Below is a list of things these sessions could typically include, although it’s not an exhaustive list: Lifestyle Change Work together to create a plan that makes small and achievable changes to your life that will move you closer to your short and long term goals Wellness Coaching Depending on how in-depth we need to go, you can combine some of the below into one session: Understanding what motivates you toward unhealthy behaviours Banishing negative thoughts Reducing stress levels Organising your working life Improving your interactions with others (seeing peoples actions from a different perspective) Exercise Sessions A tailored exercise session that fits with your goals, personality, abilities and health. This could be to improve mobility, posture and core strength, fitness, balance, agility or any other area where you need help Dietary Analysis We will discuss your diet as it is now and put together a “hit” list of dietary changes that you can slowly incorporate into your life to move you toward your goals Muscle Activation I test your entire body for strength and flexibility. I then use specific pressure points in the body to boost the signal between the brain and the muscles for an instant change. The immediacy of the change is amazing, suddenly flexibility is better and muscles have greater strength

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