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Intensive courses are suitable for people who wish to get to test standard in a shorter period of time than the "traditional" one lesson a week method. Whether you are a beginner or have had some driving experience, an intensive course of driving lessons may be suitable for your needs.

Intensive courses are available in South East London, Kent & Essex.

These courses are particularly appropriate for people who find taking in a lot of information in a short time easy. If you are nervous about learning to drive or find that your concentration does not allow you to take in lots of information in a short space of time, you would be better considering spreading your lessons out over a longer period.

Intensive courses do need a certain amount of forward-planning as there are waiting times for both the theory and practical driving tests. In addition, courses will need to be booked to fit in with the availability of your instructor.

What Is An Intensive Course?

Intensive courses, Semi-Intensive Courses, Crash Courses, Fast Pass Courses...all of these mean basically the same thing - a course of driving lessons that get you to Practical Test standard in a shorter time scale than the "traditional" one driving lesson a week.

What Is Included In An Intensive Course?

Our prices cover driving tuition to the standard required for the Practical Test from an experienced Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor.

Our courses cover all aspects of the DSA’s Learning To Drive syllabus and our aim is to enable our students to become safe, confident and considerate drivers for life.

Prices do not include the fees for the Theory Test (£31.00) or the Practical Test (£62.00 weekdays/£75.00 evenings & weekends) which are booked through and payable to the Driving Standards Agency, not to your driving instructor.

Driving lessons will be spread out over a period of mutually convenient days or weeks in the run-up to your driving test.

Lesson duration will be for a maximum of 2 hours at any one time as our many years of experience have shown us that lessons of longer length tend to be far less effective for the learner due to tiredness and flagging concentration - learning to drive can be surprisingly tiring mentally & physically!

We find people learn more effectively and get better value for their money when they're not exhausted! The maximum number of hours of tuition we will offer in any one day is four hours - two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon with a decent break to "re-charge your batteries" in between!

Do You Offer 'Guaranteed Pass' Courses?

We do not offer "Guaranteed Pass" courses, neither do we offer courses with a pre-set number of hours and a test at the end.

We do not make unrealistic, empty promises! There's no such thing as a "Guaranteed Pass" - if there was, no-one would ever fail their driving test! The latter type of course doesn't work either.

We DON'T offer "one-size-fits-all" courses with a set number of hours because everyone is an individual and has different needs when it comes to learning to drive!

Selling customers 20 hours of lessons when they may only need 10 hours isn't the way we do things, nor do we agree with letting someone waste their time and money by taking their driving test after a set number of hours if they're not at the required standard.

Our intensive courses are designed for INDIVIDUALS - we tailor a course for the needs of each person to fit in with the way they learn best, their availability for lessons and their time scale.

How Long Is An Intensive Course?

The length of an intensive course varies from individual to individual and depends on several factors including:

How much tuition you need

Your availability to take lessons

Instructor availability

The length of time you have to wait for Theory and Practical Test appointments.

On the DirectGov website, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) state "Those who pass their driving test have had, on average, about 47 hours of professional training combined with 20 hours of private practice." Learners who prepare this way, with a combination of plenty of professional training and plenty of practice, generally do better in the test.

In reality, everyone is different and learns at their own pace. The above information should only be used as a guide. Some people will need longer and some people need less.

Prior to starting an intensive course, you will need to have an assessment lesson with a driving instructor so that we can see what your current standard of driving is and then give an estimate of how many hours of tuition you are likely to need to get to test standard. The instructor can then tailor an individual course for you, to suit your needs, availability and time scale.

What Is The Cost Of An Intensive Course?

The total cost of an intensive course depends on how many hours it takes an individual to achieve the standard of driving required for the Practical Driving Test.

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