Mental Health

By: The Causeway Retreat  04/06/2009
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Mental Health Treatment, Rehabilitation & Psychological Services

At The Causeway Retreat we provide leading treatment for a broad range of psychiatric disorders and mental health conditions. We offer this on our 400-acre private island near London;a peaceful and supportive environment in which our clients can begin to heal and restore.

Experiencing any psychological problem can be extremely isolating and traumatic for both the sufferer and their families or carers. We aim to work with the individual and those closest to them by helping them through their distress.

We have a dedicated team of Consultant Psychiatrists, Clinical Nurse Specialists and Therapists as well as a highly skilled and supportive team of Personal Trainers and Complementary Therapists to help our clients overcome any difficulties they are experiencing.

I came to The Causeway Retreat leaving behind the stresses of everyday life that had spiraled into a multitude of problems that I felt I could no longer deal with rationally. My stay has enabled me to reflect on these and more prepare me mentally and physically. With the aid of all the team at The Causeway Retreat my stay was made educational, inspirational and dare I say, enjoyable. Many thanks.

Services include:

Depression: Treatment of clinical depression.
Stress: Treating and coping with stress.
Schizophrenia: Living with and treating the symptoms of schizophrenia.
Bipolar Affective Disorder: Treatment for bipolar affective disorder, also known as ' manic depression'.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Treating and coping with PTSD.

Keywords: health care, mental health