Heroin Addiction

Heroin Addiction from The Causeway Retreat

By: The Causeway Retreat  09/06/2009
Keywords: addiction, addiction treatment

Heroin addiction can have serious consequences for both the addict and their family. Probably the most addictive drug available on UK streets, heroin acts as a very strong painkiller, producing feelings of safety and wellbeing.

However, heroin withdrawal symptoms are severe and can trap users in a cycle of always needing to find the next "fix". Heroin users also face the risk of overdose. This is partly because it's impossible to tell how strong (pure) a batch of heroin is, and because heroin produces sedative effects. For example, addicts may choke on their own vomit as heroin suppresses the body's natural cough reaction.

If you're a heroin addict, admitting or recognising your addiction is the hardest step. But take that vital first step, and we will help you beat your drug problem. The Causeway Retreat is the only treatment centre in the world on its own private island. Your heroin detox and rehabilitation will be supervised by leading medical specialists. We provide a supportive, discreet and tranquil environment in which to recover from the effects of heroin addiction.

Keywords: addiction, addiction treatment