Depression Treatment

By: The Causeway Retreat  04/06/2009
Keywords: depression, Depression Counselling

Although depression is very common, many people struggle to find effective depression treatment. Almost anybody can develop the illness - it is certainly not a sign of weakness. It's also not just a passing low feeling that can be "snapped out of". Over a lifetime you have a one in five chance of having an episode of depression, with women twice as likely to get the illness as men.

However, depression is treatable.

When you're depressed it's easy to feel that there's no light at the end of the tunnel, and that depression treatment is hopeless. This isn't the case. Most people with depression, even severe cases, are able to recover. At The Causeway Retreat we offer proven treatments and depression counseling to help you work through your condition in a unique, private and tranquil setting.

The Causeway Retreat has got a unique and very special feel to it and I can see why people want to stay.

Keywords: depression, Depression Counselling