Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder from The Causeway Retreat

By: The Causeway Retreat  04/06/2009
Keywords: bipolar affective disorder

Bipolar affective disorder (also known as manic depression, bipolar depression or bipolar disorder) is a condition where the sufferer experiences extreme mood swings. Bipolar refers to the two poles of a personality - in this case feeling incredibly low on the one end (depression), and feeling elated on the other (mania).

Around one in every hundred adults will experience bipolar affective disorder at some stage in their life. During a manic or depressive phase the brain chemistry of a sufferer changes, interfering with the way the brain transmits signals. This information has helped researchers make great strides in bipolar disorder treatment in recent years.

The Causeway Retreat can help you, or someone close to you, recover from bipolar affective disorder with a targeted treatment programme. Escape stress and the demands of the outside world in a unique setting dedicated to rehabilitation - serene, private and totally discreet.

Keywords: bipolar affective disorder