Mezzanine Staircase

Mezzanine Staircase from RomStor Mezzanine Floors

By: RomStor Mezzanine Floors  25/06/2014
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All mezzanine floor installations are subject to Building Regulations, compliance with which is usually handled by Romstorl as part of the service we provide. We are often asked to explain the implications of the Building Regulations and, in particular, the differences between the requirements of Approved Document K and Approved Document M as they relate to staircases. This document sets out the key differences only; should you require further detail regarding the content of the Approved Documents please visit our website at for links to the full documents. A brief summary of the Approved Documents relating to staircases The Approved Documents that run from Part A to Part N reproduce the legal requirements and give practical and technical guidance on how to meet them. The two that regulate staircases are Approved Documents Part K and Part M. The main purpose of each is as follows: Part K – Stairs, Ramps and Guards • Stairs, ramps and ladders shall provide safety for people, when moving between different levels of a building. • Stairs, ramps, floors and balconies shall be adequately guarded. • Safety shall be provided for people using vehicle ramps and loading bays. Part M – Access and Facilities for People with Disabilities In Part M, “people with disabilities” means people who have an impairment which limits their ability to walk or which requires them to use a wheelchair for mobility or have impaired hearing or sight. • Reasonable provision shall be made for people with disabilities at entrances to and within new dwellings and buildings. An existing building should have reasonable provision: • For people with disabilities to gain access and use the building. • If toilets are provided, reasonable provision shall be made available for people with disabilities. • If a building has seating such as audience or spectator seating, reasonable provision should be made for people with disabilities. As part of the service we offer, Romstor's Approved Inspector can advise you on the regulations and show those instances where there is some flexibility in the application of the rules. Two staircases complying with Approved Document K Two staircases complying with Approved Document M

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