Sustainability - investing in all our futures

Sustainability - investing in all our futures from Washroom Washroom Ltd

By: Washroom Washroom Ltd  15/01/2010
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Washroom Washroom Ltd believe that action speaks volumes over token gesturing. This applies as much to their ongoing commitment & responsibility to the planet as it does to the service  suppled to our clients.
From the outset a commitment to the environment was an integral part of the business plan -and as any shrewd person will tell you - less waste = more profit and better savings !

The main material at the core of Washroom's product line is timber. It is used to make the Kraft paper which is turn used to make the laminate, it is used to make the ply & fibreboard products that support the laminate, it is used to make the framework to hang the end products from. Wherever available, specified or not,  materials originating from a sustainable source are used, mainly FSC/ PEFC accredited, which Washroom pay a cash premium for.
The product is sub-assembled prior to site delivery, therefore reducing waste on site. Any off-cuts where possible are returned to the Washroom factory for re-use. Minimal packaging is used comprising, mainly correx, cardboard, jiffy foam, bubble wrap and tape. Used packaging materials are returned to Washroom where it is separated compacted and sent for local recycling.

Energy & Waste
Virtually everything used in Washroom's  manufacturing process is recyclable.The waste and dust is extracted from their factory to one central point  where it is then mixed with all other combustible workshop waste including- timber off cuts,  sheet materials off cuts, laminates, timber packaging, office waste and paper and is chipped or shredded and stored in a bunker.
As required this waste is fed into the bio-mass boiler that produces 1,000,000 BTU or 300 K/W of Hot Water. It is then circulated around the factory, heating the complete internal spaces with a separate system feeding all of the office areas.
Annually this saves nearly 40,000 Litres of heating fuel from being burnt in the factory heaters; it saves a further 10,000 K/w of electrical heating that was previously used to heat the office buildings.
A separate feed of hot water also services the heated laminate presses. This saves a further 120,000 K/w of electricity every year.
Prior to this system being installed annually Washroom had over 200 separate waste lorry dispatches taking waste in general to landfill. With the above measures in place hey have been able to reduce this by a staggering 95% to around 10 movements per year.

These figures will be saved every year, year on year.

Transportation efficiencies
To reduce our carbon footprint further still we endeavor to minimise the ammount of miles travelled by company vehicles as much as possible. Manufactured goods are delivered in timely fashion, and wherever possible in a drop sequence to minimise delivery mileage. Our vehicles are serviced regularly to maintain efficiency and when finfially require replacement we endeavor to source the most efficient replacements.   All other company vehicle usage by our staff is on a last resort basis, with public transport used wherever practical. Washroom encourages car pooling by its staff and permits flexible shift hours to facilitate this and public transport use.

What next? 
To further reduce electrical waste, Washroom are planning further initiatives during 2010 including investment into a Power Factor saving device that will further reduce electricity usage. In addition they are planning to introduce inverter drives to all factory machinery which will make further and considerable electrical savings.

Keywords: Toilet Cubicles, Washrooms

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