Search Engine Optimisation

By: Gary Waterhouse  23/10/2013
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Does Your Website Appear On The First Page Of Google, Yahoo & Bing? If you own a website, does it appear in the search results of all major search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing when you search in relation to your business? Example: if you're a carpenter in Basildon, does your site appear in the search results when you search for 'carpenters in Basildon' or 'door repairs Basildon'? If it does, well done to your webmasters; they obviously know what they are doing where websites and search engines are concerned. 90% Of All Websites On The Internet Have Not Been Optimised! But if your site doesn't appear in the search results when you search in relation to your business, it means you are one of the 90% of website owners that are suffering from the same problem, your site was made by a company that knows how to make websites, it wasn't made by a company that can optimise a site for the search engines, because that's a different trade all together, but fret no more because I have the answers for you. How The Internet Works: When you try and find something on the internet, what do you do? Let's stick with the carpenter in Basildon, how would you find a carpenter in Basildon on the internet? Well, there are only two things you can do, the first being the website address, if you know the address of a carpenter in Basildon, you can type that address into your browser and go direct to the website. You Have To Use A Search Engine! But hey, it doesn't work like that, you couldn't know the website address for everything you want to find on the internet, could you? No, so this only leaves the search engines; you have to use a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing to find what you're looking for, it's how the internet works, if there were no search engines there would be no internet, because you wouldn't be able to find anything, and it's as simple as that. Can you start to understand how important it is to be listed on the search engines now? Because you are one of the 90% of website owners, no one knows the name of your website and it hasn't been optimised for the search engines, so no one will be able to find it anywhere on the internet, wherever they look. How I Can Help You: I will survey every page in your site to see if it has been made right in the first place, I'll then carry out an optimisation survey to find out what 'titles, descriptions and keywords' you should use to achieve first page listing on the search engines; these are the things that have got to be done right or your site will never appear in the search results for your main keywords and keyword phrases. And I will also monitor your site 'free of charge' for a period of 12 months. And I Will Make All The Changes For You 'Free Of Charge' When the surveys have been completed, I will either send you the results via email and your webmaster can apply all the changes, or I can make the changes from my end but I will need the log-in details to your site. Prices: Prices start from just £199 to optimise sites containing up to six pages. This is a one-off payment with no monthly/yearly admin charges. Payment is in advance via a Paypal 'payment request' that I'll send you when I receive your application. No account needed at Paypal, you can make payment with your credit card like a normal transaction. for more information or to order my services, simply call 07963 145502 or visit my optimisation website called or just search Google, Yahoo or Bing for 'Gary Waterhouse'

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