Preserving Memories - Audio Transfer - Shaw Sounds

Preserving Memories - Audio Transfer - Shaw Sounds from Professional LP to CD transfer - SHAW SOUNDS  (Essex)

By: Professional LP to CD transfer - SHAW SOUNDS (Essex)  15/10/2009
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Many schools, colleges and churches over the years have taken enormous trouble to document the musical lives within them by making sound recordings of the annual carol service, the end of year production or a particularly special concert. Such recordings are irreplaceable, capturing unique moments in history.

A large number of these still remain stored on media which are so easily damaged - perhaps on vinyl long playing records which become dusty and scratched, or on analogue cassettes which can wear out or become stretched over time. Whilst we so often take good care to look after our libraries of books and photographs, far less care is taken over our audio recordings.

SHAW SOUNDS are pleased to offer a service whereby we can transfer your old recordings - whether on LP, analogue cassette or reel-to-reel tape - to the far safer meduim of CD. Additionally, with the use of the Cedar restoration system during transcription, we can eliminate some of the annoying surface noise which can plague such recordings, bringing you closer to the actual sound.

Please contact - John Shaw for further details 01708 342553

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