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Gramophone Record to CD - Shaw Sounds Audio Transfer from Professional LP to CD transfer - SHAW SOUNDS  (Essex)

By: Professional LP to CD transfer - SHAW SOUNDS (Essex)  10/08/2009
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We can transfer all types and sizes of 78 rpm record, from the 6" 'Victor' wartime message discs of the 1930s to the more recent 10 & 12 inch classical, jazz and dance shellac recordings of of the 1950s - 1960s.

During these early years many private recordings were made on 78 shellac and acetate records.

Talented family members would often record their 'musical' and 'spoken word' favorite to keep as valued memories for the future. This was way before tape & cassette recorders had come onto the scene!

We also have facilities to play 16" transcription records that play from the inside of the disc to the outside! these were mainly used within the BBC as early formats of recorded material.

As standard procedure all 78 rpm records are professionally cleaned before transfer. Usually contamination builds up in the grooves over many years and the tracking ability of the pick up cartridge is effected.

Cedar digital processing is used on all conversions unless stated otherwise.
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