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By: Professional LP to CD transfer - SHAW SOUNDS (Essex)  08/08/2009
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(Computer-enhanced Digital Audio Restoration) system is a commercial system for restoration of degraded recordings of all types. The system allows for real-time click, crackle, hiss, buzz and distortion removal in mono and stereo.
Click, crackle & hiss removal techniques are used particularly on LP vinyl & 78 rpm records to improve the overall sound. Clicks and noises frequently spoil the listening enjoyment, especially old recordings. Even with careful cleaning, your record will almost certainly contain unwanted interuptions, even new records contain minor clicks & pops. The degree of this interference depends very much on the condition of the record and previous use.However, using digital technology it is possible to seamlessly remove 95% of these annoyances and leave you with a pure audio track. This service is not mandatory, but it is advisable unless your records are in mint condition.Broadband noise can also be detected as surface noise generated by dirt and scratches in the grooves of a record or by tape deterioration and splicings. Analysis and removal of background noise such as electrical hum, tape hiss or machinery rumble can be acheived without removing portions of the source material. However, poor and badly recorded  material with such defects as distortion, wow & flutter, drop-outs and very low gain are almost impossible to enhance to any acceptable standard.

The Concepts
There are an infinite number of processes that can affect the human perception of sound. For example, the live sound of an orchestra is dependent upon the venue, the audience and the local ambience. So what is the aim of a restoration engineer? The archival viewpoint suggests that such an engineer should present the listener with the most authentic reproduction of the original sound that can be obtained. But what about the creative influence of the recording engineer? With modern recordings, the ensemble sound often exists only on the recording medium, and many parts of it have probably never been through a microphone. Therefore the commercially minded engineer may, in contrast, attempt to generate a new recording more appropriate to its intended use. This use could be, for example, to please the public palate, or to represent accurately the sound of an era. Every restoration has its own criteria.The algorithm designer is responsible for creating the facilities by which the restoration engineer generates new recordings from old. He or she does this by developing and implementing algorithms which remove unwanted sounds and/or effects present on the old recording.

CEDAR AUDIO provides a powerful set of restoration tools flexible enough to be used as the restoration engineer sees fit. However, it is my policy that the human ear should always be the final arbiter of sound quality; judgements based upon signal processing techniques are secondary considerations.

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