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Mind Magic & Psychology Workshops from Steve Drury. Magician Mentalist

By: Steve Drury. Magician Mentalist  07/08/2013
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The mind-magic and psychology workshops I provide are unique in structure and content – as whilst the core sessions remain the same, the message is specifically and psychologically tailored. I am able to achieve this through my experience both as a professional magician / mentalist/ reader and as a qualified and practicing hypnotherapist/meridian energy therapist. I provide mind-magic & psychology workshops for secondary schools/ colleges/ universities and businesses. The workshops. The core sessions covered are secrecy, performance, concepts and principles of magic, suggestion and mentalism. Included are various demonstrations, plus shared tuition. Importantly the workshops are interactive informal sessions, with an ethos encouraging all to learn, share ideas and consider applications for their use rather than just learning ‘how to do it’. The message and interactivity is tailored. (Popular themed workshops have included creative thinking / thinking skills and enhancing communication as their core messages). A typical 2-3 hour workshop may run as follows : First 25 minutes: Introduction and informal discussion on perceptions, concepts and principles of magic, suggestion and mentalism to frame the rest of the workshop : Then followings : Demonstration of at least 8 core principles …. • Production (Appearance, creation, multiplication) • Vanish (Disappearance, obliteration) • Transposition (Change in location) • Transformation (Change in appearance, character or identity) • Penetration (One solid through another) • Restoration (Making the destroyed whole) • Animation (Movement imparted to the inanimate) • Anti-Gravity (Levitation and change in weight) • Attraction (Mysterious adhesion) • Sympathetic Reaction (Sympathy response) • Invulnerability (Injury Proof) • Physical Anomaly (Contradictions, abnormalities, freaks) • Spectator Failure (Magicians’ challenge) • Control (Mind over the inanimate) • Identification (Specific discovery) • Thought reading (Mental perception, mind reading) • Thought Transmission (Thought projection and transference) • Prediction (Foretelling the future) • Extra Sensory Perception (Unusual perception, other than mind) Tuition will further be given on some effects and routines, including discussions on application in communication. Break-out excercises may be included with time. Should you opt for a day session with a single group - more thorough tuition, demonstrations and discussions can be given, including break out group excercises in lateral and creative thinking.

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