Carpet moth treatment

Carpet moth treatment from Powerclean Carpets

By: Powerclean Carpets  30/10/2015
Keywords: carpet cleaners, carpet moths

If you have a wool or wool rich carpet, it can make a tasty treat for moths. Typically they take up residence in quiet undisturbed areas near the edges of the room and usually behind furniture that rarely gets moved. Moths have expensive tastes and are very partial to wool and they will eat away at the carpet fibres right through to the backing if left unchecked causing irreparable damage. You should regularly vacuum behind all the furniture and check for telltale signs - bare patches close to skirting boards and small white pupae that can often look like carpet fibres. If you find evidence of moths give us a call. We'll give the carpet a thorough deep clean followed by an insecticide treatment to deal with the problem. It's recommended that the insecticide treatment is repeated after a month. Please note that the insecticide is hazardous to fish. If you have a fish bowl or aquarium it should be either moved out of the room or completely covered during treatment.

Keywords: carpet cleaners, carpet moths

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