Kinesiology & LIFE Bio-Resonance Feedback Sessions

Kinesiology & LIFE Bio-Resonance Feedback Sessions from Kinesiology in Essex

By: Kinesiology in Essex  05/01/2011
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Kinesiology is a system of testing muscles to determine the energy flowing through the meridian system - as known from Acupuncture.  Each meridian line 'feeds' energy into the organs of the body and in kinesiology we test muscles that are linked to particular organs. Depending on the muscle response, we can determine how the meridian energy is flowing. If this is impaired we have ways to rebalance and restore the energy flow, which makes us feel rejuvenated and happier.   Kinesiology is a clever way to identify imbalances and release stressors and re-energise the mind and body. Kinesiology is known as the language of the body and is a very useful tool in finding out what is going on within you.  We are more likely to spend more time, care and money on our cars than we are our body and yet we expect it to work regardless of our neglect and ill treatment. Meridians also can store unresolved emotional issues.   Most people wait till their body is screaming with warning signs before we finally take any notice. A warning sign can be anything from headaches, migraine, IBS, Arthritis, general aches and pains, skin problems, breathing difficulties, digestive problems, cholesterol levels and blood pressure and our reactions to ongoing stress caused by money problems, relationship difficulties, lack of confidence, job issues, family worries, grief etc.   The L I F E Bio-Resonance System is an advanced feedback treatment which measures the body’s responses to many daily stressors and assists the improvement of symptoms by cleverly re-balancing the body.   The system runs various programmes aimed at increasing your general well-being. It scans over 7,000 items and highlights those areas that would be of benefit to work with.

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