New auto clutch for motorcycles

By: Disabled motorcycle rider adaptations  15/11/2012
Keywords: motorcycle accessories, motor cycles, trikes

New auto clutch for motorcycles MOTORCYCLE ENGINE CLUTCHLESS GEARSHIFT SYSTEM. (UP & DOWN) ignore the clutch lever once moving just shift gear !!!!! Clutchless up gear shifts & clutchless down shifts (patented auto blip system) for virtually every make & model of motorcycle or motorcycle engined vehicle. 1 Flatshifter Club clutchless up gearshifts only.clutch use required to select 1st gear and pull away only. 2 Flatshifter Pro clutchless up gearshifts and clutchless downshifts (unique patented system|) road use, change gear without using the clutch lever or pedal !!!!! . taste the freedom of the highway again, clutch use required to select 1st gear and pull away only. 3 Flatshifter Expert. As above but Performance version of the Pro system above with soft restore faster shifts & intelligent ignition cut.clutch use required to select 1st gear and pull away only. 4 Flatshifter Max Electric solenoid button operated gear selector system Flatshifter auto clutch. COMING SOON, COMING SOON TOTAL NO INPUT CLUTCH OPERATION SYSTEM FOR SERIOUS BIKES SIMILAR OPERATION TO A TWIST AND GO SCOOTER SYSTEM, IE START ENGINE SELECT 1 ST GEAR ACCELERATE AWAY ONCE ON THE MOVE no 2 OR 3 SYSTEMS ABOVE TAKES OVER YOU STILL CHANGE GEAR YOURSELF BUT NO MANUAL CLUTCH OPERATION NEEDED EVEN TO SELECT 1 ST GEAR AND PULL AWAY BUT USE IT ON AN R1 ,HAYABUSA,GSXR 1000 RETAINS AND USES YOUR MOTORCYCLES ORIGINAL CLUTCH ETC.. ETC.!!!!! CAN BE USED WITH OUR MAX ELECTRIC PUSH BUTTON GEAR SELECTOR SYSTEM . This is not a centrifugal clutch,it is totally new and uses & operates your motorcycles original clutch or UK 01206 322557 OR 00441206 322557 for any help we can give Distributors wanted worldwide Motorbikes ,Bike engined road & race cars ATV, Quads, etc etc

Keywords: Auto Clutch, motor cycles, motorcycle accessories, trikes

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