Back supports, hot/cold gel packs, heel lifts, pillows

By: Coggeshall and Colchester Chiropractic.  13/10/2011
Keywords: back pain relief, pain management, Neck Pain Relief

Back supports.  These can assist you where you have had a back injury or in situations where you will be putting additional stress on the low back, such as gardening, bending, lifting etc....  They are also useful in maintaining adjustments post chiropractic treatment.  Although lumbar and sacroiliac support belts can be purchased directly by the patient themselves, we can offer these products at a discounted rate through the clinic.

Hot/cold gel packs.  These are useful for muscular injuries or in areas where there is some evidence of inflammation.  They are re-usable.

Heel lifts.  Oftentimes people who are told they have a long leg may not have, and may in fact be due to pelvic misalignments.  However, where there is evidence of structural leg length differences, heel lifts can assist in correcting this, and thus leveling out the pelvis, which can assist in resolving back pain.  These can be purchased at a much discounted rate through the clinic.

Orthopaedic pillows.  Useful for neck and shoulder pain.  Some orthopaedic pillows are not available for purchase directly and can only be purchased through professional practitioners.

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