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Website Content management system (WebFlicker CMS) from Webflicker Uk Web Design Agency

By: Webflicker Uk Web Design Agency  03/11/2010
Keywords: content management systems, website management

WebFlicker is a commercial PHP Content Management System (CMS), based on Smarty template engine and ADOdb Database Abstraction Library using MySQL database system. Latest stable  version is 1.8 released in December 2009.


The software is sold as a part of a bespoke website design, and can not be bought separately. It is always being setup and implemented by the company itself, according to the client's specification. The system has a modular structure, and new modules and sections can be enabled or disabled as per need. The system itself does not contain a frontend per installed. Instead, with every project the CMS is "connected" to the final layout of the webpage, which is created prior to that.


  • MySQL Database: WebFlicker uses MySQL database, which it uses to store essential data. As of today the MySQL database is the only one operated by the system.
  • Layout system: The CMS uses a Smarty Layout Engine. Users are able to manage article or other sections templates from within the application. Smarty also enables for frontend and backend modifications without one affecting the other.
  • User management: System uses an advanced user and group management system. Users and groups can be set up with different permissions, and certain sections can be made non-accessible to these users or groups. Certain sections or modules can also be made exempt for the rules and available to everyone.
  • Modular structure: WebFlicker offers modular structure of the system. Optional modules can be disabled and enabled on demand during development. Also, the system promotes working using sections of the system.
  • Multilanguage support: System supports multiple language websites.
  • Intuitive interface


Keywords: content management systems, website management

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