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Buy Cheap wormers from animal-meds.co.uk. We sell cheap Horse wormer, dog wormer, cat wormer and wormers for livestock farm animals including cattle, sheep, poultry and pigs.

Did you know that when you are worming you animal it is advisable to also treat for fleas at the same time and vice versa.
Fleas act as host for transmitting tapeworm to your animals, this is done by the flea digesting the tapeworm egg, and when your pet cleans itself or chewing an itch, they digest the flea, the tapeworm egg is then released into your pet and develops into a tapeworm larvea when it matures within you pet, the adult tapeworm then releases eggs within its bodies segments that are expelled from your animal via its feaces and the cycle starts again.
also sell a range of flea and mite treatments for all animals

Keywords: cat, dog

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