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By: Hatfield Tandoori  03/09/2014
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Curry Cooked with dozens of medium spices. ground daily by our experienced chef Chicken Curry £4.60 Lamb Curry £4.60 Prawn Curry £4.80 King Prawn Curry £6.95 Chicken Tikka Curry £5.95 Mixed Vegetable Curry £3.80 Maas Curry Fish £6.95 Curry With Vegetable Chicken Aloo Potato £5.70 Lamb Aloo Potato £5.70 Chicken Chana Chick peas £5.70 Lamb Chana Chick peas £5.70 Chicken Mushroom £5.70 Lamb Mushroom £5.70 Chicken Bhindi £5.70 Lamb Bhindi £5.70 Chicken Mixed Vegetables £5.70 Lamb Mixed Vegetables £5.70 Chicken Gobi Cauliflower £5.70 Lamb Gobi Cauliflower £5.70 Madras These dishes are fairly hot Chicken Madras £4.80 Lamb Madras £4.80 Prawn Madras £4.90 King Prawn Madras £6.95 Chicken Tikka Madras £5.95 Mixed Vegetables Madras £3.80 Vindaloo Vindaloo is cooked with potatoes and is hotter than madras Chicken Vindaloo £4.90 Lamb Vindaloo £4.90 Prawn Vindaloo £4.95 King Prawn Vindaloo £6.95 Chicken Tikka Vindaloo £5.95 Mixed Vegetables Vindaloo £3.80 Ceylon Coconut, black pepper and lemon with spices hot. Chicken Ceylon £4.95 Lamb Ceylon £4.95 Prawn Ceylon £4.95 King Prawn Ceylon £6.95 Chicken Tikka Ceylon £5.95 Mixed Vegetables Ceylon £3.95 Dansak An exotic combination of spices with lentils, garlic, lemon and sugar, producing a hot, sweet and sour taste, served with pilau rice Chicken Dansak £6.70 Lamb Dansak £6.70 Prawn Dansak £6.70 King Prawn Dansak £7.95 Chicken Tikka Dansak £6.95 Mixed Vegetables Dansak £4.95 Mushroom Dansak £4.95 Pathia In which is extensively used garlic, onion, tomato puree, red chilli, black pepper, sugar and lemon. A hot, sweet sour taste. Served with pilau rice Chicken Pathia £6.70 Lamb Pathia £6.70 Prawn Pathia £6.70 King Prawn Pathia £7.95 Chicken Tikka Pathia £6.95 Mixed Vegetables Pathia £4.95 Kurma Very mild and creamy, sweetly flavoured with coconut saucy and soft highly recommended for non curry eaters Chicken Kurma £5.25 Lamb Kurma £5.25 Lamb Kurma £5.25 King Prawn Kurma £6.95 Chicken Tikka Kurma £5.95 Mixed Vegetables Kurma £3.95 Malaya Lychee and pineapple all prepared with rich spices. The Compound mixture makes this dish suitable for none who prefer a medium to sweet taste Chicken Malaya £5.50 Lamb Malaya £5.50 Prawn Malaya £5.50 King Prawn Malaya £7.25 Chicken Tikka Malaya £5.95 Kashmir Lychee and pineapple all prepared with rich spices. The Compound mixture makes this dish suitable for none who prefer a medium to sweet taste Chicken Kashmir £5.50 Lamb Kashmir £5.50 Prawn Kashmir £5.50 King Prawn Kashmir £7.25 Chicken Tikka Kashmir £5.95 Muglai A delicate Preparation of egg, almond, cream and spices producing a mild but rich. Creamy texture Chicken Muglai £5.25 Lamb Muglai £5.25 Prawn Muglai £5.25 King Prawn Muglai £7.25 Chicken Tikka Muglai £5.95 Mixed Vegetables Muglai £4.80 Rogon A double preparation dish first being cooked in medium sauce, then garnished with ghee, fried tomatoes, onions and green peppers Chicken Rogon £5.50 Lamb Rogon £5.50 Prawn Rogon £5.50 King Prawn Rogon £7.25 Chicken Tikka Rogon £5.95 Mixed Vegetables Rogon £4.25 Bhuna An Indian occasion dish, comprising of cooked onions and fresh tomatoes flavoured with green peppers and oriental herbs, medium spiced and juicy Chicken Bhuna £4.95 Lamb Bhuna £4.95 Prawn Bhuna £5.25 King Prawn Bhuna £7.25 Chicken Tikka Bhuna £5.95 Vegetable Bhuna £4.25 Maas Bhuna Fish £7.95 Korai Medium spicy with chopped onions, peppers and tomatoes, served from a sizzling hot iron pot Chicken Korai £5.50 Lamb Korai £5.50 Prawn Korai £5.50 King Prawn Korai £7.25 Chicken Tikka Korai £6.25 Keema Korai Mince meat £6.95 Mixed Vegetables Korai £4.25 Dupiaza A maximum quantity of onion, seasoned and fresh, applied with dozens of spices to produced a taste that is medium hot Chicken Dupiaza £5.25 Lamb Dupiaza £5.25 Prawn Dupiaza £5.25 King Prawn Dupiaza £7.25 Chicken Tikka Dupiaza £6.25 Keema Dupiaza Mince meat £6.95 Mixed Vegetable Dupiaza £4.25 Sag Delicately spiced, cooked with spinach leaf Chicken Sag £5.80 Lamb Sag £5.80 Prawn Sag £5.80 King Prawn Sag £7.95 Chicken Tikka Sag £6.25

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