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By: Chelmsford PAT Testing  13/10/2009
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PAT Testing by Chelmsford PAT Testing.  Portable appliance testing - better known as PAT Testing - is a process by which electrical appliances checked to ensure they are safe. It is important to remember that PAT testing is a process which determines whether or not an appliance is safe to use - but it could save lives or avert serious damage to property. 

So who needs to have PAT Testing carried out? 

Generally speaking, PAT testing is a requirement for any person or company putting or taking electrical equipment into the public environment. Importantly, this includes the work place.  
An employer has a legal reponsibility to ensure that electrical equipment provided to, and used by, his employees is tested and safe.  
Equally, a landlord has a legal reponsibility to ensure that electrical equipment provided to, and used by, his tenants is tested and safe.  
Similarly, public bodies will now invariably require that any electrical equipment taken onto their premises by contractors must have a valid PAT testing certificate and individual items must have a PASS label attached. 

So what do we do during the test?

We will start with a visual inspection checking for: damage to flexes damage to plugs and equipment signs of over-heating ensuring plugs are wired correctly Then depending on the type of equipment   The following tests are then carried out: Earth continuity test Insulation resistance Polarity test Earth leakage test  

After the test what do we supply to you?    

As part of the PAT testing process, we will list all the items to keep track of your portable appliances. This system provides you with information on the number of appliances you have, their location and their test status PASS/FAIL. Normally items are listed by location, asset number and test date. When we return to re-test by comparing the new records against the previous, you will be able to check to see if they have been disposed of or are missing. This enables you to manage your appliances with the minimum amount of disruption to you and your staff.    A list of your appliances is supplied as computer data and in hard copy to suit your needs, normally in PDF format (Acrobat Reader). We will also supply you with a certificate, again in PDF fomat.

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