Phobias from hypno-haven

By: hypno-haven  04/10/2010
Keywords: Phobias

Phobias are particularly distressing for the sufferer. People who have never suffered from a phobia have no understanding of the horrible, nauseating, crippling fear that they instil in their victim.
The fear produced by a phobia is illogical. I used to be terrified of spiders, logic would tell me that as a sixteen stone man, I should have nothing to fear from a one ounce spider, but that didn't stop the nerve-freezing panic that overwhelmed me everytime I saw a tiny black shadow on a wall. Phobias are usually caused by something that happened to us when we were very young, the fear remains buried in the subconscious and can only be reached by using regression hypnosis. Once the cause has been identified, it very easy to eradicate the problem.

Keywords: Phobias